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Will These 4 Trends Affect Your Disaster Recovery?


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Disaster recovery has already come a long way since the early days. Back in the 1970s, IT systems were mainframe and batch-oriented, with downtime (grudgingly) accepted of a few hours or even a few days. Since then technological advances have led to big changes in DR management. In addition, the Internet catalysed significant social changes that in turn had impacts on the way IT is used. As a result, expectations have changed from the availability of systems to the way information is communicated about problem resolution. Do the following trends now need to be integrated into your own DR planning?

  1. Geographical distancing of disaster recovery facilities. Separate DR recovery sites are a requirement for many organizations. But ‘next building’ solutions don’t protect businesses against area floods, fires or storms. Cloud backup solutions may be a good solution for mitigating this risk.
  2. Geographical limitation of DR. Sounds like a contradiction to the point above? Not really – this is about the need for many entities to now ensure their data do not move out of the same country. Somewhere between too close and too far, the right geographical separation will have to be found.
  3. Use of managed DR services. Increases in speed, size, conformance and complexity are pushing DR beyond the capabilities of many organisations. The entire DR process may be better done by specialized, reliable third party providers. Savings on in-house infrastructure and staff training may also make such managed DR services more cost-effective.
  4. Social media for communications management in DR situations. If your customers, prospects and employees are all constantly online and in touch via social networks, they’ll expect that from your company too. Email and notices on websites are a start, but micro-blogging with viral distribution (Twitter for example) is the ‘gold standard’ for good crisis and DR status information today.

These are some of the bigger waves washing over industry and government. And each sector also has its own specific needs. What have you been putting in place recently – and what positive effects have you seen so far?

DRI Foundation Supports Relief Efforts in the Philippines

Donations to Fund Disaster-Resistant Housing Project

The Disaster Recovery International (DRI) Foundation has taken an active hand in aiding relief efforts for the survivors of Super Typhoon Haiyan-Yolanda in the Philippines.

For the first time, the Foundation solicited donations for this singular cause from the business continuity and emergency management continuity. The response was overwhelming, as supporters rushed to provide funding to help in the wake of the typhoon.

Reaching out to its contacts in the Philippines to determine the best use of supporters’ donations, the Foundation confirmed the urgent need to begin rebuilding. To that end, it partnered with Habitat for Humanity Philippines to sponsor a Habitat Core House, a structure designed to be resistant to earthquakes and typhoons, which will help a family to start anew.

“We are not surprised at the altruism that our fellow business continuity, disaster recovery and emergency management colleagues showed in the face of this devastating event,” said AnneMarie Staley, DRI Foundation Chair. “We are proud to be a part of this noble community.”

The DRI Foundation is grateful to its donors for their generosity and support in times of crisis, and will continue to help the survivors of Haiyan-Yolanda to rebuild in the coming months.


About the DRI Foundation

The Disaster Recovery International (DRI) Foundation, Inc. helps organizations worldwide begin the recovery process as soon as possible. The DRI Foundation was envisioned and launched as a separate entity of the Disaster Recovery Institute (DRI) International, which has been certifying business continuity and disaster recovery professionals since 1988. By leveraging the Institute’s relationships with U.S. agencies, international governments and worldwide relief agencies, the Foundation empowers more than 11,000 worldwide certified professionals to give back to their communities through volunteer relief and advocacy efforts.

DRI Malaysia Regional Conference in Kuala Lumpur

DRI Malaysia will be hosting a regional conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, November 13-14, 2013. This year’s conference will be hosted at the Grand Millennium Hotel located along the Bintang Walk.

Participants will join business continuity professionals from all over the world during this two-day regional conference. Speakers at the conference will present a variety of topics including the following:

  • BCM Emerging Issues and Challenges on the Global Perspective
  • Risky Business- Managing IT Outsourcing Service and Continuity Risks
  • New international BCM Standard- Cross Regional Sharing on Developments

The conference also will feature a gala and awards night. This event has grown from just one award last year to eight awards in six categories this year. It will be held November 13, 2013, with special dancing, singing, and musical drama performances.
Conference attendees will receive 16 CEAPs (Continuing Education Activity Points).