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On June 18, 2016, DRI China held its 16th CBCP Salon in Beijing. Mr. Jeffrey Yu, the president of DRI China, hosted the event and acted as moderator. The guest speakers were Mr. Liu Yan, senior consultant of Ernst & Young (China) Business Consulting Ltd. and Mr. Qiu Xuexiong, Senior Adviser of Shenzhen ESC Technology Ltd.

Although the weather in this summer is steaming hot, the attendees were very enthusiastic. There were nearly 50 people attended the event, which only originally planned for 30 attendees. Among those in attendance: Zhao ChenGan, member of the DRI China Committee and China Banking Association, Yin Hui, of Beijing Teamsun Technology Co., Ltd., Gou Xiaojun of Taiji Computer Co., Ltd., Shao Jiangning of Microsoft China, Yao Haoxuan of Ernst & Young (China) Advisory Ltd., and Xu Fei of Centrin Data Systems Co., Ltd.

The first speech by Liu Yang was “Business Continuity Management Practice in the Internet Financial Industry,” and Qiu Xuexiong presented “An important tool for Enterprise-class Business Continuity Management.”

After the guest speakers, participating experts had a lively discussion and debates, especially on the topic of the differences in the BCM practice between the Internet and traditional banking financial institutions. Internet financial institutions’ practice in BCM is a bold trial, according to Liu Yang, sharing his experiences.

The moderator summed up the five BCM Practice Breakthroughs:

  1. Application objective breakthrough
  2. Risk scope breakthrough
  3. The main responsible body breakthrough
  4. Method of implementation breakthrough, and
  5. Measurement breakthrough.

The whole event lasted more than four hours – and could have gone much longer. Finally, the moderator had to ask people to wrap up the discussion and concluded the event. You can view photos from the salon in DRI’s Flickr album.

Merleen Yap: My Experience as a Business Continuity Professional

Merleen is a Manager with the Enterprise Risk Services practice of Deloitte Singapore.

She shares with us on her role as a Certified Business Continuity Professional (CBCP), her daily work and why she chose this as her career.

You graduated with a Bachelor of Accountancy from University of New South Wales, how did you learn about Business Continuity Management (BCM)?

I was assisting my manager in a BCM engagement for an insurance company that was looking for assistance in assessing the gaps of their BCM implementation. That was when I started, and I have never stopped thinking about BCM since.  I went to register for the 5-day DRI Business Continuity Planning course to learn more about BCM and get myself certified as a CBCP.

What is your biggest challenge as your role in business continuity professional?

Some clients compare the templates used by the different companies/consultants and question the differences. I always tell them that there are many different templates in the market but most importantly, we need to address the key BCM elements. I will help them to customise/ review the template and tell them what the required inputs are.

What are the common misconceptions that others have about your role?

“I thought you’re from that accounting firm? You’re not an accountant?” – I’m in the risk consulting line in Deloitte, and I am not an accountant. We do more than just audits!

emergency-309725_640What are the common misconceptions that others have about BCM?

Some companies think that BCM means having fire emergency plan and a very brief evacuation plan detailing what they would need to do at the assembly area. Some thought that if they have some form of contingency plan in place, that’s a “good BCM” in place. When we implement the ISO 22301 BCM programme for them, only then they realise how intensive and thought provoking the process of putting BCM in place can be with the aim to build the resiliency of the operations.

What is your favourite advice about BCM?

There is no perfect plan. BCP is like an acting script. Everyone in the script will know what to do/not to do when crisis is activated.

What is your greatest reward in your role as a BCP consultant?

Seeing my clients being more aware about the importance of BCM and truly appreciating the beauty of business continuity management. Some even signed up for a CBCP course or to get their organisations certified in ISO 22301.

Where do you hope to see organisations in 5 years’ time?

I hope to see more people being educated about the importance of BCM, and how the skills of BCM are useful in preparing and handling incidents/crises.

In most organisations the people who are better versed in BCM are usually the BCM function/BCM Managers/BCM Champions.

To me, BCM can apply to everyone. There is one particular client who saw the value in the BCM engagement Deloitte did for them and he went and shared with his organisation all the insights of incident handling/crisis management that we shared from around the world. I hope that more people get interested in the topic and we can help them satisfy their inquisitiveness and interest.

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KL2014 Featured Speaker: Alan Sebastian

The DRI KL2014 Regional Conference and Awards of Excellence will be held in Grand Millennium, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The theme this year “Managing Crisis and Organizational Resilience – Issues and Challenges” will feature a comprehensive program that includes a pool of variety speakers from different industry and countries, who will share on emerging threats and issues that we face today.

In preparation for the conference, Thrive! Asia is featuring the topics and profiles of select speakers.

Alan Sebastian, CBCP, CBCV

Alan Sebastian, CBCP, CBCV
Managing Partner of Business Continuity Program Management (United States)
Topic: Crisis Communication – Issues and Challenges

Mr. Sebastian has over 25 years’ experience designing, developing and implementing Business Continuity Plans for various industries including many Fortune 100 and 500 companies. Mr. Sebastian led the development of the Business Continuity Practice within Paranet and then Sprint Corporation resulting in Disaster Recovery Institute’s certification of more than 85 colleagues over a period of five years. Mr. Sebastian’s Business Continuity Planning methodology and framework achieved a best-in-class award from a Fortune 100 corporation. He has extensive experience in leading the design, planning, sourcing and delivery of business continuity programs. Mr. Sebastian is also a management and technology professional with over twenty-five years’ experience in numerous industries including – telecommunications, healthcare, finance, legal, and energy.

KL2014 Featured Speaker: Robert Mendoza

The DRI KL2014 Regional Conference and Awards of Excellence will be held in Grand Millennium, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The theme this year “Managing Crisis and Organizational Resilience – Issues and Challenges” will feature a comprehensive program that includes a pool of variety speakers from different industry and countries, who will share on emerging threats and issues that we face today.

In preparation for the conference, Thrive! Asia is featuring the topics and profiles of select speakers.

Robert Mendoza, CBCP

Robert Mendoza, CBCP
Business Continuity Program Manager, Omgeo (Philippines)
Topic: Super Typhoon Haiyan: Issues and Challenges – A Post Incident Review

Robert Mendoza, aka. “Bobby,” brings 10 years of business continuity management experience. He is currently the Business Continuity Program Manager of Omgeo, a DTCC company where he is responsible for managing the Business Continuity programs of the DTCC in 11 facilities in the Asia Pacific region including the Philippines, India, China, Singapore, HK, and Japan. He likewise drives seamless execution of the company’s Crisis Management framework and departmental Business Continuity Plans. Before Joining DTCC, he was the Administrative Risk Manager of DSM Manila. In his career, he has handled several major natural and man-made incidents like the 2007 Manila Peninsula siege, the 2009 tropical storm Ketsana (Ondoy), the 2011 tsunami in Japan, the 2011 Egyptian revolution and the 2012 Southwest monsoon incident that flooded the Metropolitan Manila and the neighbouring provinces. Robert has a wide range of experience of Environment, Health and safety, Emergency Management and Security operations.

DRI Malaysia Regional Conference in Kuala Lumpur

DRI Malaysia will be hosting a regional conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, November 13-14, 2013. This year’s conference will be hosted at the Grand Millennium Hotel located along the Bintang Walk.

Participants will join business continuity professionals from all over the world during this two-day regional conference. Speakers at the conference will present a variety of topics including the following:

  • BCM Emerging Issues and Challenges on the Global Perspective
  • Risky Business- Managing IT Outsourcing Service and Continuity Risks
  • New international BCM Standard- Cross Regional Sharing on Developments

The conference also will feature a gala and awards night. This event has grown from just one award last year to eight awards in six categories this year. It will be held November 13, 2013, with special dancing, singing, and musical drama performances.
Conference attendees will receive 16 CEAPs (Continuing Education Activity Points).

Digital News Asia Report: Outstanding CBCP Award for Malaysia

Ong Ai Lin, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Malaysia senior executive director, has been awarded the inaugural “Outstanding Certified Business Continuity Professional (CBCP)” award for her contribution to the field of business continuity management (BCM) in Malaysia, according to Digital News Asia.
The award was presented by DRI President Al Berman at the recent DRI KL2012 conference in Putrajaya Marriott Hotel. The award recognizes BCM achievements, professional excellence and contributions to the industry and the community.

“We are proud to have worked with a diverse group of clients on BCM to ensure their business continuity in an increasingly unpredictable business environment,” Ong said when receiving her award.

Ong leads the Business Continuity Management (BCM) practice in PwC Malaysia and has supported many major organizations and growing companies in implementing BCM.

“[Ong] Ai Lin has demonstrated the highest level of professionalism in her efforts to make her clients more prepared.  Her knowledge and dedication epitomizes the ideals of Certified Business Continuity Professionals (CBCPs) around the world,” said Berman.

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