Congratulations to the winners of the Awards of Excellence at  DRI-KL2016! The ceremony was held as part of DRI Malaysia’s recent conference held in Kuala Lumpur on Aug. 23-24. It gathered DRI members and industry practitioners across the region to learn and explore latest trends, best practices, regulatory requirements, challenges and case studies on the subject of Business Continuity Management (BCM) and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM).

You can view more pictures from the event here, and on DRI Malaysia’s Facebook page.

Individual Awards:

  • Industry Newcomer – Mervin Kuek, Sarawak Energy
  • Best ABCP – Bonifasius Abiseka Putuhena, AIA Financial Indonesia
  • Best ABCP – Noor Faizah Jamaluddin, Agrobank
  • Best CBCP – Sharifah Binti Omar, Maybank
  • Best CBCP – Josephine Lau, UOB Bank Malaysia
  • Program Leader of the Year – Dayalan Sathiamutty, BP Business Service Centre Asia Sdn Bhd.

Group Awards:

  • BCM Team of the Year – HSBC Global Service Center
  • BCM Strategy of the Year – Astro Malaysia Holdings Berhad
  • BCM Continuity Awareness – Maybank
  • BCM Continuity Awareness – RHB Bank
  • BCM Continuity Awareness – Felda Global Ventures
  • Best Service Provider (BCM) – PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Best BCM Organization – AIA Group
  • Best BCM Organization (Public Sector) – Agrobank
  • Best Industry Newcomer (Organization) – Kumpulan Wang Persaraan (Diperbadankan) (KWAP)

Inaugural DRI Collegiate Conference in the Philippines a Success

DRI International, in cooperation with Business Continuity Managers Association of the Philippines (BCMAP), held its first DRI Collegiate Conference in the Philippines on March 16, 2017 at De La Salle University – Manila. In attendance were 180 participants: 80 business continuity practitioners and 100 students with interests in business continuity and disaster recovery.

The theme of this inaugural conference was “Business Continuity in the Philippines and the Latest Trends in Business Continuity.” DRI Executive Director Chloe Demrovsky presented on current trends and careers in the industry. The other featured presenters were:

  • Raymundo Suplido, FSC, DLSU
  • Sir Ramil Cabodil, BCMAP
  • Angeli Medina, NYHHS NYC
  • Brian Gozun, DLSU College of Business
  • Renato Solidum, Jr., Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology
  • Congressman Joey Salceda, 2nd District, Province of Albay (pictured)
  • Dick Africa, Central Bank of the Philippines
  • Butch Meily, Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation, and
  • Rachel Quero, De La Salle University and MFI Foundation.

The conference also included round table discussions with speakers and students. To close the event, Chloe Demrovsky presented Sir Ramil Cabodil of DRI Philippines with a certificate to recognize the newly founded DRI Philippines as a valued training partner.

Presentations featured at the collegiate conference can be found in DRI’s resource library. You can view pictures of this successful collegiate conference, as well as past events, in DRI’s Flickr photo album. To learn more about upcoming Collegiate Confrences, visit DRI’s Collegiate Conference page. 




On June 18, 2016, DRI China held its 16th CBCP Salon in Beijing. Mr. Jeffrey Yu, the president of DRI China, hosted the event and acted as moderator. The guest speakers were Mr. Liu Yan, senior consultant of Ernst & Young (China) Business Consulting Ltd. and Mr. Qiu Xuexiong, Senior Adviser of Shenzhen ESC Technology Ltd.

Although the weather in this summer is steaming hot, the attendees were very enthusiastic. There were nearly 50 people attended the event, which only originally planned for 30 attendees. Among those in attendance: Zhao ChenGan, member of the DRI China Committee and China Banking Association, Yin Hui, of Beijing Teamsun Technology Co., Ltd., Gou Xiaojun of Taiji Computer Co., Ltd., Shao Jiangning of Microsoft China, Yao Haoxuan of Ernst & Young (China) Advisory Ltd., and Xu Fei of Centrin Data Systems Co., Ltd.

The first speech by Liu Yang was “Business Continuity Management Practice in the Internet Financial Industry,” and Qiu Xuexiong presented “An important tool for Enterprise-class Business Continuity Management.”

After the guest speakers, participating experts had a lively discussion and debates, especially on the topic of the differences in the BCM practice between the Internet and traditional banking financial institutions. Internet financial institutions’ practice in BCM is a bold trial, according to Liu Yang, sharing his experiences.

The moderator summed up the five BCM Practice Breakthroughs:

  1. Application objective breakthrough
  2. Risk scope breakthrough
  3. The main responsible body breakthrough
  4. Method of implementation breakthrough, and
  5. Measurement breakthrough.

The whole event lasted more than four hours – and could have gone much longer. Finally, the moderator had to ask people to wrap up the discussion and concluded the event. You can view photos from the salon in DRI’s Flickr album.

DRI Hong Kong Members Gather for Networking Event

DRI Malaysia held a  DRI Hong Kong Members Get Together Activity (MGTA)  on  April 15, 2016, at Hotel JEN in Hong Kong.
Twenty members and guests representing  banks, insurance companies, the MGTA 1Hong Kong Jockey Club, HKPC, Swire Group, and other organizations attended and enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of  sharing and networking.


The event started at 4:00 PM with Chairperson Ms. Catherine MGTA 2Edwards giving an update on DRI’s activities. Attendees were impressed by the encouraging growth of certified professionals in Hong Kong over the past 3 years.

MGTA 3An interactive presentation by Mr. Ben Wootliff on Cybersecurity followed. Ben is Managing Director at Control Risk’s Hong Kong Office. Control Risks is an independent, global risk consultancy specializing in helping organisations manage political, integrity and security risks in complex and hostile environments. They support clients by providing strategic consultancy, expert analysis and in-depth investigations, handling sensitive political issues and providing practical on-the ground protection and support.

MGTA 4After Ben’s presentation, attendees enjoyed a coffee break and  networking. After the break, participants enjoyed an interesting presentation by Mr. Peter Morgan on “The 7 Deadly Sins of Crisis Management”. Peter is the Director of Potent Prep Ltd and is a recognized expert in leadership, crisis negotiation and communication. After retiring from the Hong Kong Police as an Assistant Commissioner, he is now an Honorary Associate and Fellow in crisis communications for the Hong Kong Police College and the Hong Kong Jockey Club Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention, Hong Kong University.

Lastly, DRI Malaysia held a panel discussion on “Who should be in the Crisis Management Team”. Chairperson Catherine was the Facilitator, with Ben, Peter and DRIHK Secretary Graham Lee as panelists. The event came to an end at 6:00 PM. All  enjoyed the sharing and networking.  DRI Malaysia looks forward to the next MGTA with more members and friends in Hong Kong.

For more photos, click here for the Flickr album of the event.

A Participant’s Perspective: DRI India Conference at Pune

By George Poulose, CBCP

I am writing this blog shortly after the closing session of the DRI India Conference in Pune on the 30th of October. The whole conference was a thrilling experience and such a privilege to attend, including the insightful discussions.

22724218776_6715006ef9_zThere were participants from a variety of organizations, with some traveling from the nearby city of Mumbai. It was a good mix of people from the BCP and Admin & Facilities domains.

As the clock ticked 9:30am, Mr. Rakesh Pande, MBCP and DRI India representative, opened the first session. Mr. Pande set a clear agenda that included vibrant and interactive discussions. He then highlighted DRI and its key initiatives — a useful piece of information for aspiring candidates willing to take up certifications.

The second session was on a topic termed as one of the greatest risks in today’s continuity of business: Challenges in Managing Supply Chain Continuity. Mr. Harsha Sastry, MBCP, explained the various facets of the topic. Various practical and real life challenges were discussed demonstrating the growing concern for BCP professionals. Mr. Pande also provided powerful examples of how engaging with vendors can radically impact the business.

22129095643_1034514931_kChallenges in Managing IT/DR was the next topic. This gave us insight on how to design an IT/DR framework. Mr. Pande described his self–designed approach based on the PERT CPM model on arriving at the RTO for the processes. We fully appreciated the method which also gave us a practical approach to identify the RTO even in complex procedures.

It was 12 noon and a perfect time for a tea and coffee – a much needed break after some intense discussions and brain storming sessions.

Rejuvenated by a good cup of coffee we were all back to shed some light on the topic: BCP Drills and Testing. Whatever planning we do has to be validated by thorough testing. Mr. Sastry and Mr. Pande explained various methods of testing and its implications. One key point was on extended testing which many of the organizations fail to practice.

22129104273_c5710e878d_zWe then discussed everyone’s favorite topic: How to manage Business Continuity in a Cloud Environment. Mr. Pande elaborated on cloud computing in a very lucid way and on how business continuity can benefit from the same with practical scenarios. Pros and cons of the cloud environment were then discussed along with DRaaS, SaaS etc.

BIA and Risk Management was the last topic of the day. Mr. Pande explained the various aspects of both the practices and industry standards.

There was a lot of great content throughout the day’s discussions. We all wished for more, but alas, the end of the conference had arrived. It was once again our privilege and we certainly felt that we were part of an engaged and valued audience. With a strong note of collaborating with each other in our functions and a promise to meet again, we all shook hands and dispersed.

For more photos  on the DRI India Conference at Pune, please click here.

Is It Business Continuity or Risk Management?

An article from DRI ANZ.

What’s in a name? Depending on the person offering the definitions, business continuity and risk management are sometimes considered as different functions, or subsets of each other, or simply the same. For example, the prevention, preparedness, response and recovery approach to risk management or PPRR is presented as risk management. However, when all the steps are accomplished and the results put together, you end up with a business continuity plan. Indeed, risk identification and business impact analysis are two classic steps in preparing overall business continuity. But what then of the opposite idea that business continuity is a subset of risk management?

It is a fact that the term ‘business continuity’ arrived on the scene after ‘risk management’. Risk management can be summarised as avoid, mitigate, transfer or accept risk. Business continuity corresponds to avoiding or transferring risk, more than mitigating or accepting it. In this sense, it would seem to be a subset of risk management. However, there is a counter-argument. Risk management is not always confined to protecting an organisation as a whole. It may be done in the case of individual projects or even transactions. Credit checks on borrowers or purchasers, and exchange rate hedging for export sales are examples. Each check or hedge may be an application of risk management, but in itself unlikely to affect the continuity of the organisation.

We end up with a situation where business continuity (overall) and risk management (overall) overlap. They are not the same, even if there are common components, and one is not necessarily a subset of the other. The point is that it is important to have a mutual understanding of what somebody means by ‘risk management’ if you really want to be sure you understand the relationship with business continuity. By correctly understanding the differences, you also have a better chance of making sure that each function is being correctly carried out within your organisation, to the level required.

1-Day BCM Conference in Pune, India 30 October 2015

Pune, India
DRI is proud to announce a 1-day conference in India. DRI India will conduct a full one day conference on Business Continuity Management (BCM) in Pune on October 30, 2015. During the conference, professionals will share knowledge and experiences in the field of BCM.
With a variety of speakers, the conference will benefit BCM professionals and businesses, as they will have an opportunity to learn from one another. For more information on the conference, please contact DRI India or  visit their website.

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