5 Profiles to Ponder When You Start Testing Your Business Continuity

5 Things that Can Go Wrong with a Disaster Recovery Plan

7 Basic Ways to Ensure Good Business Continuity Planning


And the Winner for Overall IT Security is . . . Linux?

Avoiding Confusion between Technology and Business Continuity


Be Prepared for Disasters

Building Reality into Your Disaster Recovery Plan

Business Continuity and Corporate Governance

Business Continuity Depends on a Culture of Security Too

Business Continuity for Small and Medium Sized Businesses


Digging Down to the Real Causes of Business Disruption

Digital News Asia Report: Outstanding CBCP Award for Malaysia

Disaster Recovery is Purely an IT Function – Or Is It?

Disaster Recovery Planning also needs Business Common Sense

Disaster Recovery Planning – How Much Do IT Vendors Really Understand?

Disaster Recovery, the Workforce and the Swing of the Pendulum

DRI Foundation Supports Relief Efforts in the Philippines

DRI KL2013 Regional Conference & Awards in Malaysia a Huge Success!

DRI KL2013

DRI Malaysia Regional Conference in Kuala Lumpur

DRI Participates in the Central Bank of the Philippines Business Continuity Awareness Week 

DRI KL2014 Regional Conference & Awards of Excellence 

A DRI Training Discussion Point – the Value of Your Data


The Earthquake in Japan: A Firsthand Account

Enterprise IT Trends and the Wider-Spread Effect on Business Continuity


The Glo-cal Approach for Business Continuity Across Multiple Locations


Have you Completely Understood Your Data Recovery Needs?

How Can You Best Evaluate a Disaster Recovery Solution?

How to Improve Business Continuity by Doing 30% Less

How Much Does Disaster Recovery Cost?

How to ‘Sell’ Business Continuity to Four Generations of Workers

How Simple Can a Disaster Recovery Plan Be?

How the Consumer IT Market is Driving Business Continuity Management


Japan to Test Disaster Warning System

Japanese Disaster Educator Says Children are the Future of Crisis Response!


Keeping Business and IT Connected for Better Business Continuity

KL2013 Award of Excellence Nomination 

KL2013 Featured Speaker: Al Berman

KL2013 Featured Speaker: Goodyear Malaysia BCM Team

KL2013 Featured Speaker: Mohammed Ahmad Al Jenaibi

KL2013 Featured Speaker: Murari Kalyanaramani

KL2013 Featured Speaker: Sigfried Ching

KL2014 Featured Speaker: Alan Sebastian

KL2014 Featured Speaker: Gary Villeneuve

KL2014 Featured Speaker: Murari Kalyanaramani

KL2014 Featured Speaker: Nazrah Rosli

KL2014 Featured Speaker: Robert Mendoza

KL2014 Featured Speaker: Waleed J. Al-Dakheel


Learning about the Key Difference between Plans and Planning in Business Continuity

Lessons Learned: The Queensland Floods

A Look at KL2014


Making Business Continuity the Bearer of Good News

Making Sure the Right Procedures are Followed for Business Continuity

Making Your Business Continuity Plan – Tips for Success

The Mega-Test of Your Business Continuity You’ve Been Waiting For

Merleen Yap: My Experience as a Business Continuity Professional


Philippines Fundraising Underway: Foundation Bringing BCP Community Together to Do Good!

Policies and Standards in Business Continuity – Old Hat or Essential?

Public-Private Partnerships Essential to Resilience in Japan and Beyond


A Social Engineering Primer for Business Continuity Managers

‘Selling’ Your Business Continuity Plan to Your Organisation

Sharing Knowledge and Increasing Awareness with DRI India

Slow Changes that also Affect Business Continuity

Supply Chain Business Continuity and the Weakest Links


Training and Certification in Societal Security – What’s That?!

Threats and Horizon Scanning Make Lateral Thinking a Must for Business Continuity

Translating Business Continuity


The Unbroken Chain from Business Continuity Assignments to Actions – and Back


What the World Needs Now is… More Good-Quality Cyber-Security Training

Where are the Likely Holes in Your Disaster Recovery Planning?

What are You Missing in Threat Intelligence for Business Continuity?

Where Should Business Continuity Management Live?

Why, What and How to Protect Sensitive Data

Will These 4 Trends Affect Your Disaster Recovery?


Your Organisation has Business Continuity and Resilience – But What About You?

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