A Participant’s Perspective: DRI India Conference at Pune

By George Poulose, CBCP

I am writing this blog shortly after the closing session of the DRI India Conference in Pune on the 30th of October. The whole conference was a thrilling experience and such a privilege to attend, including the insightful discussions.

22724218776_6715006ef9_zThere were participants from a variety of organizations, with some traveling from the nearby city of Mumbai. It was a good mix of people from the BCP and Admin & Facilities domains.

As the clock ticked 9:30am, Mr. Rakesh Pande, MBCP and DRI India representative, opened the first session. Mr. Pande set a clear agenda that included vibrant and interactive discussions. He then highlighted DRI and its key initiatives — a useful piece of information for aspiring candidates willing to take up certifications.

The second session was on a topic termed as one of the greatest risks in today’s continuity of business: Challenges in Managing Supply Chain Continuity. Mr. Harsha Sastry, MBCP, explained the various facets of the topic. Various practical and real life challenges were discussed demonstrating the growing concern for BCP professionals. Mr. Pande also provided powerful examples of how engaging with vendors can radically impact the business.

22129095643_1034514931_kChallenges in Managing IT/DR was the next topic. This gave us insight on how to design an IT/DR framework. Mr. Pande described his self–designed approach based on the PERT CPM model on arriving at the RTO for the processes. We fully appreciated the method which also gave us a practical approach to identify the RTO even in complex procedures.

It was 12 noon and a perfect time for a tea and coffee – a much needed break after some intense discussions and brain storming sessions.

Rejuvenated by a good cup of coffee we were all back to shed some light on the topic: BCP Drills and Testing. Whatever planning we do has to be validated by thorough testing. Mr. Sastry and Mr. Pande explained various methods of testing and its implications. One key point was on extended testing which many of the organizations fail to practice.

22129104273_c5710e878d_zWe then discussed everyone’s favorite topic: How to manage Business Continuity in a Cloud Environment. Mr. Pande elaborated on cloud computing in a very lucid way and on how business continuity can benefit from the same with practical scenarios. Pros and cons of the cloud environment were then discussed along with DRaaS, SaaS etc.

BIA and Risk Management was the last topic of the day. Mr. Pande explained the various aspects of both the practices and industry standards.

There was a lot of great content throughout the day’s discussions. We all wished for more, but alas, the end of the conference had arrived. It was once again our privilege and we certainly felt that we were part of an engaged and valued audience. With a strong note of collaborating with each other in our functions and a promise to meet again, we all shook hands and dispersed.

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